"Found Abstracts" Exhibit

“Both of my pieces in this collection represent instants where I glimpsed something special. Taken on descent into an airport, Sky View is a graphic study in the textures created as human activity scars the earth. Waltzing Matilda details the movement found in a small piece of a larger sculpture. Each epic in their own way.” - James Corbett

An exhibit by members of the North Bethesda Camera Club. Only 70 photographs were juried into this exhibit from a field of 178 submissions. The artworks were selected by Roy Sewall and Alan Sislen. Toni Robinson and Sarah Salomon designed the show.

"The subject matter for “Found Abstracts” should not be easily recognized by the viewer. Instead, shape, line, texture, pattern, and/or color are dominant. The image must be found, not created. No "set ups" or alterations of the subject matter are permitted. No computer-generated creations or camera/lens manipulations are allowed. Look for it and find it in your environment."

The exhibition was open from March 20 - April 10, 2022 at the Friendship Gallery in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

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