James Corbett

Suburban Maryland / Washington, DC / DMV

Capturing life's epic moments, one photo at a time.

Never one to just dip my toe in the water, I launched Epic Life Images in 2014 with the goal to capture life's epic moments. For me, I approach every shot I take as a special moment and aim to freeze the best of that instant in time. My client engagements require that I capture stunning images of landscapes, products, cycling, events or other scenarios. A successful client experience demands a deep understanding of their wishes.

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Never stop moving. There's a shutter speed with your name on it.

As an avid mountain biker, I found a passion and obsession with photography from a desire to capture the action on the trails. My mantra holds that there is a shutter speed with your name on it. When you look at my work with people, I am not satisfied unless there's an expertly captured face in the action.

Amateurs look for inspiration; the rest of us just get up and go to work. - Chuck Close

You will not find me sitting around waiting for inspiration. For me, I strive for excellence by making a constant investment in my skills, knowledge and tools. You are invited to check out the galleries and especially my new Instagram feed (Meta disabled my primary account for no reason that I know of). Rarely does a day go by that I'm not taking pictures. There is such a diversity of eye catching moments to be captured, and I work tirelessly on the craft of photography to tell the stories I see. Endless thank yous to the organizations below for being outstanding sources of knowledge and inspiration. And countless thank yous to the clients who have put their trust in me to deliver. Now back to my viewfinder...

Freeing Fronds

Epic Life Images is a trade name registered in Maryland to Epic Life Celebrations, LLC.

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